Houston Wholesale Properties 20% to 40% Below Market

Houston Wholesale Properties. We provide quality Houston Wholesale Homes and Houses to real estate investors at deep discount prices. Whether you are looking to fix and flip, make short term profits, or build a long-term property portfolio we’re your #1 source for Houston Wholesale Properties.

Houston Wholesale Properties - Houston Wholesale Houses

Other Houston Wholesalers are sucking the PROFIT out of most deals. But when you buy from us YOU get to keep the EQUITY!

Here’s What We Offer:

    • Deeply discounted properties in good areas for either ‘fix and flip’ or ‘buy and hold’. All properties have INSTANT Equity!
    • All the tools you need to make a FAST decision, MLS Comps, 30-50 pictures per property (the good and the bad), accurate repair estimates and much much more…
    • Inventory updated on a regular basis. Get alerts via Twitter, Facebook, RSS Feed or email.
    • Plus so much more that if we tried to list them all, we’d run out of room on this web page.

But it gets better:

Hard money resources to make your purchases.

This is the real deal and you need to take advantage of it right now.

See you on the inside,

Hector and Sarah

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The #1 Source for Houston Wholesale Homes and Houses.  We provide Houston Wholesale Properties to real estate investors at deep discount prices, 20% to 40% Below Market.

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